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Thank you for choosing us for your Yacht Company.  This webpage will help you get ready for your trip and locate everything you need to be prepared. Each Yacht is limited to 13 passengers (excluding the crew). Here are some things to remember:


On Board

Your Checklist

Cups, Plates, utensils, and Ice, Cooler with Ice


Life Jackets

Light Jacket

Drinking Water, Healthy Snacks, Sodas, Water Floats

Notify us if Children are attending



Anything Special You Want to Drink/Eat/Alcohol
Coolers are Okay
Credit Credit Card Used for Booking
Valid Photo ID (That matches Credit Card Used)

Not Boat Friendly

Red wine/Cranberry Juice

Any Person who is Intoxicated

Smoking/Vaping/marijuana and illegal drugs

Luggage, Child Strollers,



For Scattering of Ashes Events
We will need the Permit for Disposition (Burial Permit) Scattering cremains at sea when you arrive at the boat. It is easy to obtain.  Please see this link to obtain the permit from San Diego County:


Tipping Guide

The hard working crew will help you board, help load your belongings, help to stow food and drinks, and help clean up afterwards. The standard gratuity for the crew is 10%-20% and can be paid by Cash or Venmo.


Print This Page for Easy Reference.

Parking: Set Your GPS to 1403 Scott Street, San Diego CA 92106 – You may park in the parking lot directly in front of the business. We will meet you under the Point Loma sign in the photo above at your start time. Please allow 15-30 minutes to arrive at the parking area and find parking.

Please take the opportunity to use the Restrooms before boarding. Public Restrooms are located in the shopping area. The bathroom on the Yacht is small and we want to ensure the bathroom area smells fresh from the start of the Charter. Thank you.